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‘For you  are God’ is a worship song by the amazing and super talented upcoming talent in the Nigeria gospel music industry

Solomon Ezeme who is popularly known as floww as a stage name is an upcoming Nigeria talent who indeed has made giant stripes at his tender age.

He has ministered in many churches and has really touched many lives thorough his music ministry.

Solomon Ezeme otherwise known as floww is an upcoming lion who indeed will tear through many heart with his ministration yet to come.

for you are god is certainly not an exception it will take you up to the relm of the spirit and get you connected with the power of God. man’s Worship, Because he’s God and the one who created us all.

Floww exclaims: ” He doesn’t need our Worship. He Deserves it! Satan and his Cohorts never Created. They were Created! The Worship Belongs to Him Alone…Hallelujah!! ”

This song is sure a must download

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For you are God  by flow Lyrics


Ogoziwo ndu mu o!

(He’s blessed my life!)

Metuwo’m aka nso Ya – 2x

(He’s touched my life with His hands)


Ogoziwo ndu mu o!!

(He’s blessed my life!!)

Metuwo’m aka nso Ya!

(He’s touched my life with His hands!)

Ometuwo’m aka nso Ya

(He’s touched my life with His hands)


Father, we worship You today

We lift our voice in praise


For You are God…Oh Lord

For You are God…Oh Lord ×2


You deserve my worship Jesus!

We’ve come to worship You

You are God, oh Lord!

We will bow for You Jesus

We’ve come to give You Praise!

You are God ooooh!

(Back up)

For You are God…Oh Lord

For You are God… Oh Lord


You are God, oh Lord

Lord we worship

Angels will worship You

Demons will bow for You

Nations will worship

Father I worship You

You are God!! 4x



Let Your rain fall on us

(Repeat- backup)



Let Your rain fall on us Jesus

Let Your rain fall on us

My life will start to glow!


Say, my life will start to glow!

My chains will start to break

My life will change today

Healing will come today 2x

Healing has come today eh!

Ogoziwo ndu mu o…Jesus!!

(He’s blessed my life!)

Ometuwo’m aka nso Ya…2x

(He’s touched my life with His hands)

Ogoziwo ndu mu o…!

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