Become a successful woman entrepreneur in 2020


A successful woman enterprenur


Do you want to be that woman making exploit in business; and giving her male counterparts a run for their money? Are you an aspiring woman entrepreneur? Or you are just starting a new business? Do you want to learn how to start a new business from scratch and grow it successful? Do you want to become a successful woman (entrepreneur)?

When you think about your daily routine, you wake up from the bed and prepare for the day. What you wear, the kind of bag that will match you dress or outfit or the shoe you’ll wear. Then you might stop at a cafeteria for a breakfast and perhaps you go for dinner with friends in the evening.

Every place that you visit and every business you connect with that day, exist because of an idea and an entrepreneur. Whether that entrepreneur comes from a family if business owners, or a student looking for ends meet or just a regular person that is just starting out on their own without a previous experience. Running their own business require a set of key skill. But what are the skills you need and how do you acquire them?


Believe in yourself

To succeed in any profession you must first believe in yourself. This is very important because no one will believe in you and your product or service if you don’t first believe in yourself. No investor will invest with you if you lack self confidence and your employees will not perform at peak capacity because you lack the spirit to inspire them.


Why the business

Take a look at the world’s most successful women entrepreneur and you’ll see that they all have a strong reason for going into the business, and their reasons became their business mission.

Once again I ask: What is your reason for starting a business? I know I can’t answer this question for you, but what I want you to bear in mind is that building a business that will stand the test of time begins from the mission.


Be willing to fail

Business is of course a risk but the Edward  is worth the risk it may pose. I have observed that the most business women and entrepreneurs are those who acted without giving a damn if they fail. Sknif you are going to be among those few women who makes thing happen; then you must be willing to accept failure as part of the process to success.


Improve your skill

Stop sitting on your idea; don’t let the lack of resources stop you. Take leap of faith and start with what you have. You will surely find the remaining resources you need on the way. Instead of watching a moving or shopping in your spare time, Whyvdint you attend a seminar or read a business book. You will never know the situation you will find yourself tomorrow, and the knowledge you acquire in your spare time may turn out to be a life saver for you and many other people later on in life.


Manage your time

One of the major business challenges women entrepreneur face is time constraint. Business women are usually trapped for time because of the multiple responsibilities they face. Women entrepreneur must attend to their business needs while still taking care of their studies and other personal needs. I mean its quite challenging. If you are ever going to overcome the challenge and become a successful business woman or an entrepreneur, the you must master the act of delegation

Being a female student does not in any way stop one from engaging in profitable business activities. The truth is that, it is better to test your entrepreneurial skills whilst you are still in school. This is because of the point that, being able to venture into a business, means that you are starting out on the right. If a student can create time for social life, and also for the internet, then they can as well create time to start and manage a business.

In recent time, the internet has made is very easy for people to successfully lunch businesses with little or no stress as a student. You can leverage on this potential of the internet to lunch your business.

You wanna be a woman of power, locked up like the likes of Tara Fola Durotoye, founder of house of Tara. Mo Abdul, CEO of Ebony Life TV, Olajumoke Adenowo, Founder of AD consultant. Ayeronke Tosin Yeye, Founder of iMentor Africa and so many others.

We take huge pride in the progress that these women have made, we know that their journey have just begun. But we cannot rest in our laurels just het. The story of women owned-business is one of unrealised potential. Women owned business are concentrated in just few segment, and tends to be more local then National or global. Most important, women are severely under-represented in sectors of digital economy that are likely to see the most impressive growth in years to come.

Everyone has great ideas, but very few actually turn their dreams to concrete reality. Be a lioness of Africa.

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Afolabi Zainab


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